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Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network

Putting Public Health Evidence in Action Training Workshop

The CPCRN created this interactive training curriculum to support program planners and health educators using evidence-based approaches, such as those in The Community Guide. Materials address how to define evidence-based programs, policies, or strategies and how to locate, select, adapt, and evaluate them. Case studies and exercises are used to provide hands-on learning opportunities. The CPCRN also provides resources to plan and deliver a “Putting Public Health Evidence in Action” training workshop, including a facilitator’s guide and support materials.


The Community Guide

The Community Guide Comparison Tool

This online tool helps desktop users do a side-by-side comparison of two findings from the Community Prevention Services Task Force and the systematic reviews on which they were based. Users choose two interventions from the list of All Task Force Findings and launch the comparison tool with a button at the top of the page.
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