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Community Preventive Services Task Force Findings

Sort the following list of active Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) findings by topic, finding, or the year the review was completed. Link from review titles to information about the evidence and finding rationale. You can also access printer-friendly tables with all active CPSTF Findings pdf icon [PDF - 420 KB], recommended and recommended against findings pdf icon [PDF - 322 KB], or insufficient evidence findings pdf icon [PDF - 185 KB]. These lists do not include inactive or archived reviews.

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Health Equity: Center-Based Early Childhood Education

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed March 2015

Vaccination Programs: Provider Reminders

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed March 2015

Vaccination Programs: Community-Based Interventions Implemented in Combination

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed October 2014

Vaccination Programs: Reducing Client Out-of-Pocket Costs

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed September 2014

Tobacco Use: Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed August 2014

Skin Cancer: Interventions in Outdoor Recreational and Tourism Settings

Recommended (strong evidence)Review Completed April 2014