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This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention run website gives users more information about CDCynergy. CDCynergy is a multimedia CD-ROM used for planning, managing, and evaluating public health communication programs. Using this site, you can learn more about how the tool works and find which edition of CDCynergy best suits your needs.  


Community Tool Box

The Community Tool Box website aims to help people build healthier communities and bring about positive social change by providing users with educational modules and tools. Those modules and tools allow users to learn more about community assessment, intervention, evaluation, and advocacy for healthier communities.


County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

Design element for County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Building a Culture of Health, County by County; a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation programThe County Health Rankings & Roadmaps website provides users with region specific data that is collected annually to reveal how health is influenced by our communities. The site also offers users guidance and tools to understanding the data, strategies that can improve the health in their area, and discussion boards to read and share stories about health.


Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBI)

The Effective Interventions website is designed to provide information on interventions that demonstrate potential to reduce new HIV infections. Users can find more on using biomedical interventions, public health strategies, behavioral interventions, structural interventions, and social marketing to prevent the spread of HIV. 


Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs

Design element for Evidence-Based Cancer Control ProgramsThe Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs (EBCCP) website provides links to comprehensive cancer control resources for public health professionals. More specifically, users can learn more about research-tested intervention programs, read about national and international cancer control programs, find resources related to specific forms of cancer, and more.


Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

This website provides users with an effective framework for evaluating a program. The framework summarizes and organizes a full listing of the steps and standards for program evaluation. Users can also find more information on the development of the framework, guidance into conducting strong evaluations, and more evaluation resources.


Health Evidence

Design element for Health EvidenceTM: Helping public health use best evidence in practice since 2005The Health Evidence™ website helps ensure the best evidence is in practice by giving users access to over 4,000 quality-rated systematic reviews that evaluate the effectiveness of public health interventions. The website also provides consultation services to assist others in interpreting research evidence and applying it to program and policy decisions.


Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) performance measures

This website details HEDIS and Performance Measurement. The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a tool used by more than 90% of America’s health plans to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service. The site gives users the ability to learn more about HEDIS quality improvement measures, programs, and more.


Healthy People 2030 Leading Health Indicators

Design element for Healthy People 2030Healthy People 2030 is a comprehensive set of national goals and objectives for improving the health of Americans. Within that set are the Leading Health Indicators, a set of selected objectives to communicate high-priority health issues and actions to address them. This Healthy People site gives users an update on the progress of those indicators to date.


Implementation Science at a Glance

Cover element for Implementation Science at a GlanceThis 30-page workbook was written by members of the National Cancer Institute Implementation Science team and reviewed by nearly 100 public health practitioners and implementation science researchers. Through summaries of key theories, methods, and models, the guide shows how greater use of implementation science can support the effective adoption of evidence-based interventions. Case studies illustrate how practitioners are successfully applying implementation science in their cancer control programs.



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