Systematic Review Teams

Each review is conducted by a team of specialists in systematic review methods and subject matter experts. This approach helps to:

  • Ensure that reviews are useful and comprehensive
  • Include input from people who know about and have experience with the interventions reviewed
  • Reduce errors or bias when interpreting the information reviewed
  • Consider the viewpoints of key stakeholders

Systematic Review Development Teams include the following.

Coordination Team

A team of 6-10 people who conduct the systematic review with leadership from a CDC coordinating scientist and support from Community Guide staff. Teams include CPSTF members, CPSTF Liaisons, subject matter experts, and other public health experts. The coordination team develops the analytic framework for a review, conducts data collection and analysis, and presents findings.


Consultants are experts who offer advice to the coordination team throughout the review process.

Dissemination Team

CPSTF members, Liaisons and Community Guide staff play critical roles in disseminating the concept of systematic review as well as new CPSTF recommendations and findings, to help assure that the Community Guide is applied to public health practice. Activities include:

  • Informing constituents and partners (e.g., email, newsletters, websites, workshops)
  • Translating, or encouraging others to translate, the science-based recommendations and findings into practical actions that are included in public health strategies and programs