Spotlight: John Clymer

Summary: John Clymer, a member of the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) since 2002, chaired the committee responsible for the 2017 Annual Report to Congress: Providing the Science to Support Military Readiness and Resilience. Mr. Clymer has testified before various legislatures, given numerous Congressional briefings, and appeared on NBC Nightly News, Fox News, CNBC, public radio, and in print media such as The New York Times and USA Today. Listen to him talk with CDC’s Dr. John Anderton about the 2017 Annual Report to Congress and how CPSTF recommendations have been used to improve the health and safety of our military and how they can be used to benefit our military going forward.

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John ClymerJohn Clymer is executive director of the National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention, a nonprofit catalyst for public-private collaboration to prevent heart disease and stroke. Additionally, he is a fellow of the Institute for Health Policy and Leadership at Loma Linda University, and an adjunct assistant professor at Loma Linda University School of Public Health, and he has been a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health since 2004. Read more >>

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Recorded February, 2018