Use CPSTF Findings: Implement Programs, Services, and Other Interventions

As a public health decision maker, practitioner, community leader, or someone who cares about the health of your community, you can use The Community Guide – a compilation of all CPSTF findings – to help your community focus resources on interventions proven to work.

Skip the step of researching intervention approaches and feel confident about your decisions knowing CPSTF recommendations are based on credible, rigorous, systematic reviews that consider all relevant, high-quality evidence.

Get started!

  • The Community Guide has a curated list of tools and resources to walk you through the steps of needs assessment, intervention selection, implementation, and evaluation.
  • All CPSTF findings and the systematic review evidence on which they are based can be found on this website. Review approaches by topic area to determine which ones best match your community.

Learn From Others

  • Community Guide in Action – Find out how other communities have applied CPSTF recommendations to develop programs, services, and other interventions to improve health and safety.

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