Previous CPSTF Members

Affiliations noted are those from Task Force members’ departure dates.

  • Ana F. Abra do-Lanza, PhD
    Mailman School of Public Health
    Columbia University
  • Ross Brownson, PhD
    St. Louis University School of Public Health St. Louis, Missouri
  • Patricia A. Buffler, PhD, MPH
    School of Public Health
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Bruce Nedrow (Ned) Calonge, MD, MPH
    (2006-2022; Chair 2019-2022)
    The Colorado Trust
    Denver, Colorado
  • Doug Campos-Outcalt, MD, MPA
    University of Arizona
    Tucson, Arizona
  • Marshall H. Chin, MD, MPH, FACP
    University of Chicago
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Jamie F. Chriqui, PhD, MHS
    University of Chicago
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Noreen Morrison Clark, PhD
    University of Michigan School of Public Health
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Kay Dickersin, PhD
    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • Ana V. Diez Roux, MD, PhD, MPH
    Drexel University
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Mary Jane England, MD
    Regis College
    Weston, Massachusetts
  • Caswell A. Evans, Jr., DDS, MPH
    (Chair of the Task Force, 1996–2001)
    National Oral Health Initiative, Office of the U.S. Surgeon General
    Rockville, Maryland
  • Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, MBA, MA
    (1996–2019; Chair 2001–2019)
    Schools of Public Health and Medicine, University of California at Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, California
  • David W. Fleming, MD
    The Gates Foundation
    Seattle, Washington
  • Mindy Thompson Fullilove, MD
    New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University
    New York, New York
  • Tista Shilpi Ghosh, MD, MPH
    Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
    Denver, Colorado
  • Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD, MA
    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • Karen Glanz, PhD, MPH
    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Lawrence W. Green, DrPH, DSc (Hon.)
    University of California at San Francisco
    San Francisco, California
  • David C. Grossman, MD, MPH
    Group Health Research Institute/Group Health Cooperative
    Seattle, Washington
  • Fernando A. Guerra, MD, MPH
    San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Alan R. Hinman, MD, MPH
    Task Force for Child Survival and Development
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • George J. Isham, MD
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Robert L. Johnson, MD, FAAP
    New Jersey Medical School of Rutgers University
    Newark, New Jersey
  • Shiriki Kumanyika, PhD, MPH
    Drexel University
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Garland H. Land, MPH
    Missouri Department of Health
    Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Charles S. Mahan, MD
    University of South Florida College of Public Health
    Tampa, Florida
  • Patricia Dolan Mullen, DrPH
    University of Texas Houston School of Public Health
    Houston, Texas
  • Patricia A. Nolan, MD, MPH
    Rhode Island Department of Health
    Providence, Rhode Island
  • Gilbert S. Omenn, MD, PhD
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Carole Tracy Orleans, PhD
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    Princeton, New Jersey
  • Alonzo Louis Plough, PhD, MPH
    The California Endowment
    Woodland Hills, California
  • Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD
    Harvard School of Public Health
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Gilbert Ramirez, DrPH, MPH, CPH
    West Virginia University School of Public Health
    Morgantown, West Virginia
  • Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH
    School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Dennis E. Richling, MD
    Matria Healthcare, Inc.
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH, MPH
    Gillings School of Global Public Health
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Susan C. Scrimshaw, PhD
    University of Illinois School of Public Health
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Susan Swider, PhD, PHNA-BC, FAAN
    Rush University
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Steven M. Teutsch, MD, MPH
    Merck & Company, Inc.
    West Point, Pennsylvania
  • Robert S. Thompson, MD
    Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
    Seattle, Washington