Inform Funding Decisions and Fund Proposals

Foundations, agencies, and organizations that wish to fund evidence-based programs or help fill evidence gaps can use The Community Guide to inform decisions.

Organizations and researchers seeking funds can use The Community Guide to support proposals and justify interventions.

Providing Funds

Grant guidance and planning criteria can include The Community Guide or require applicants to cite evidence-based resources, reference The Community Guide, or even select from CPSTF-recommended intervention approaches (e.g., Buckle Up Yurok, Tightening the Belt: Increasing Occupant Restraint Use on the Hopi Reservation).

Agencies funding public health research might ask applicants to reference evidence gaps identified by the CPSTF in their proposals or encourage them to evaluate intervention approaches cited as having insufficient evidence.

Seeking Funds

The Community Guide synthesizes a vast body of research into findings of what works in public health. It provides supporting detail and full disclosure of the systematic review process that can be used to help justify and add credibility to grant proposals and funding requests. It also saves time by making findings, references, and recommendations readily available for use.

The following Community Guide resources are designed to help inform funding decisions and proposals.