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August 2013
A finger touching the screen of a tablet computer

New Technologies Used to Reduce Excessive Drinking

The Task Force recommends electronic screening and brief intervention to reduce excessive alcohol consumption and related harms.


June 2013
Cover of the 2013 Annual Report to Congress

Report to Congress Features Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

The Community Preventive Services Task Force released its 2013 annual report to Congress, the first to focus on evidence-based recommendations on specific health topic.


February 2013
A blue arrow points toward the center of three concentric orange circles

Syndication: Add The Community Guide to Your Website!

What's syndication? A new feature that lets you put exact Community Guide web content on your site, which is then updated automatically.


January 2013
Cover of the 2012 Annual Report to Congress

Task Force Releases 2012 Annual Report to Congress

Highlights include activities evidence gaps, future systematic reviews, and how Task Force recommendations have been used to improve public health.


January 2013
A pencil lays across a blank Patient History form

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month!

See client-oriented and provider-oriented evidence-based recommendations for what works to increase cervical cancer screening.


October 2012
A blank highway billboard, with a blue sky behind it

Does Mass Media Alone Work to Promote Physical Activity?

More research is needed for the Task Force to determine if mass media without other components results in a more physically active population.


September 2012
A screen capture of the video about north Carolina walkable communities

New Videos Feature The Community Guide in Action

Two new, short videos show how communities have used Task Force findings to make residents safer and healthier.


September 2012
A green pencil making check marks in boxes for a checklist

Fall 2012: Task Force Releases New Findings

Topics include alcohol, skin cancer, emergency preparedness, mental health, and motor vehicle injury prevention.


August 2012
Four printed journal issues, each open and stacked one on top of the other

Community Guide Worksite Review Among Top Five Most Cited

The Community Guide review on the Assessment of Health Risks with Feedback was recognized as one of the most cited articles published in the AJPM during 2010. Read a review summary and the publication.


June 2012
A rubber ink stamp labeled with the word "Updated"

Task Force Updates Findings on Interventions to Boost Cancer Screening

Based on evidence from updated Community Guide reviews, the Task Force issued new findings on ways to increase breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening.


May 2012
Older American Indian woman looking down

Now Published: Collaborative Care to Manage Depression

Newly published reviews and Task Force findings feature the effectiveness of this intervention in improving depression symptoms, adherence to treatment, response to treatment, and remission and recovery.


April 2012
A police car and another car are seen through the green glass of empty beer bottles

Task Force Recommends Against Privatizing Retail Alcohol Sales

Evidence links privatization to increased consumption of alcoholic beverages, excessive drinking and related harms.


April 2012
Default News Image

Task Force Chair Supports Future of Public Health

A gift from Jonathan and Karin Fielding supports public health education and research at soon-to-be named UCLA Jonathan and Karin Fielding School of Public Health.


March 2012
Two women sitting and facing each other

Helping Caregivers of Adolescents Reduce their Teens’ Health Risk Behaviors

See newly published Task Force findings on helping caregivers reduce their teen's health risk behaviors.


March 2012
Couple holding hands

Abstinence Education and Comprehensive Risk Reduction for Teens

See newly published Task Force findings on abstinence education and comprehensive risk reduction for teens.