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Learn how communities are working to protect and improve health - The Community Guide in Action


The Community Guide can be used to:

  • Educate public health professionals
  • Assist with student projects
  • Promote the health of employees and students

Public Health Education

Use the Community Guide as a teaching tool to:

  • Design course content about the systematic review process, evidence-based public health, and the importance of independent, science-based decision-making in public health
  • Serve as a resource for those studying public health, nursing, program planning, policy, and other disciplines that impact community health and wellness
  • Identify research topics
  • Promote the idea of a systematic review among students and peers


Students can use the Community Guide to:

  • Identify important evidence gaps to guide selection of dissertation topics or other projects
  • Develop funding requests
  • Select public health interventions and plan programs

Student and Employee Health Promotion

Employers and administrators can use the Community Guide to design worksite health promotion programs for students, faculty and staff.

Selected Resources

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