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Improving Mental Health and Addressing Mental Illness: Collaborative Care for the Management of Depressive Disorders

Search Strategy

Search Terms

The following databases were searched from 1980 up to April 2009 to identify studies assessing the effectiveness of Collaborative Care interventions in improving depression outcomes: The Cochrane Library; MEDLINE; EMBASE; ERIC; NTIS (National Technical Information Service); PsycINFO; CABI; LILACS; CINAHL; and Dissertation Abstracts International. Hand-searches were conducted of 5 journals, published over the preceding 10 years and identified by the team as the most relevant to the field and this intervention. Also included were papers, conference proceedings, reports, books, and book chapters identified by team members and other subject matter experts.

1) Depression Keywords

  1. exp *Depression
  2. exp *Dysthymic Disorder/ or exp *Depressive Disorder
  3. exp *Mood disorders
  4. minor
  5. exp *Depressive Disorder, Major
  6. exp *Anxiety
  7. exp *Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
  8. affective disorder$.mp.
  9. or/1-8

2) Keywords for intervention of interest: Collaborative Care
  1. exp *"Delivery of Health Care"
  2. exp *Family Practice
  3. exp *Primary Health Care
  4. exp *Community Health Services/ or exp *Community Health Aides/ or exp *Community Health Nursing/ or exp *Community Health Centers
  5. exp *Community Mental Health Services/ or exp *Community Mental Health Centers
  6. exp *Health Maintenance Organizations
  7. exp *Ambulatory Care Facilities/ or exp *Ambulatory Care/ or exp *Ambulatory Care Information Systems
  8. exp *Adolescent Health Services/ or exp *School Health Services/ or exp *Student Health Services/ or exp *Academic Medical Centers
  9. exp *Private Practice
  10. community service
  11. exp *Hospitals, Teaching/ or exp *Hospitals, University
  12. or/10-20
  13. stepped
  14. exp *Patient Care Team/ or shared
  15. collaborative
  16. exp *Primary Prevention
  17. exp *Total Quality Management/ or exp *Quality Assurance, Health Care/ or exp *"Quality of Health Care"
  18. exp *Physicians
  19. exp *Nurses
  20. exp *Pharmacists
  21. exp *Pharmacy
  22. exp *Algorithms
  23. exp *Guideline Adherence/ or exp *Guideline/ or exp *Practice Guideline
  25. exp *Information Centers/ or exp *Access to Information/ or exp *Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems
  26. exp *Disease Management
  27. exp *Reminder Systems
  28. exp *Feedback
  29. exp *"Referral and Consultation"
  30. exp *Guideline Adherence/ or exp *Advance Directive Adherence
  31. exp *Mental Health Services/ or mental health
  32. mental health
  33. exp *Students
  34. exp *Case Management/ or case
  35. school student
  36. guidance
  37. exp *Psychology
  38. exp *Psychiatric Nursing
  39. exp *Social Work, Psychiatric
  40. or exp *Psychiatry
  41. exp *Peer Group/ or peer or exp *Hotlines/ or exp *Self-Help Groups
  42. or exp *Evaluation Studies as Topic
  43. or/22-51
  44. economic$.mp. or exp *Economics, Nursing/ or exp *Economics, Medical/ or exp Economics/ or exp *Economics, Pharmaceutical
  45. cost$.mp. or exp *"Costs and Cost Analysis"
  46. exp *"Cost of Illness"
  47. cost benefit or exp *Cost-Benefit Analysis
  48. cost consequence$.mp
  49. cost effectiveness
  50. exp *"Cost Savings"/ or cost minimization
  51. cost utility
  52. exp *"Costs and Cost Analysis"
  53. or/53-61
  54. 9 and 21 and 52 and 62
  55. limit 63 to yr="1980 - 2009"
  56. *Developing Countries
  57. 64 not 65
  58. from 66 keep